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Bachelor of Arts

BA1101 - Functional English

BA1501 - Computer Awarness and Internet

BE1502 - Prose- Short Stories From India

BE1503 - English Poetry (From Renaissance to 18th Century)

BE1504 - English Drama- Elizabethan Literature

BP1502 - Indian Government and Politics

BP1503 - Indian Public Administration

BP1504 - Administrative Institution and Local Administration in India

BS1502 - Indian Social Problem

BS1503 - Elements of Social Research

BS1504 - Social Demography

BA1102 - History ( History of India from earlist Times up to 600 A.D )

BA1305 - Novel And Short Stories

BA1103 - Sociology (Inroduction to Sociology)

BA1104 - Political Science ( Foundations of Political Science)

BA1105 - Prose - Short Stories From The West

BA1301 - General English

BA1302 - History of India

BA1303 - Sociology ( Social Movement in India)

BA1304 - Comparative Political Analysis

Bachelor of Commerce
Master of Commerce